Thresholds and profiles

Decorative thresholds the are used to hide the joints of floor coverings.

Profiles are used for protection of  footsteps.

They are used for ceramic tile’s edges finishing.

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Anodizing and mechanical treatment of aluminum alloys

Anodizing of aluminum profiles

We offer anodizing and mechanical treatment of aluminum profiles, parts and sheet materials and the possibility of colouring them by electrochemical, chemical and interference methods.

The brief characteristics of the anodizing line are as follows:

  • The size of anodizing baths allows working the profiles and parts with sizes up to 31.40.25 m ( m maximum).
  • he thickness of the coating is 10 t 25 micron.
  • The line capacity is 600 ton per year.
  • You can place an order starting from 50 kg.

Detailed information on anodizing and mechanical treatment line (link).

Thresholds and profiles





Master KD

Decorative thresholds
Decorative threshold 84
Thresholds for footsteps
Threshold for footsteps 87

The profiles of series “Lux” are used both in home interior and in public places. There are 5 surface colours of anodizing and 9 surface colours of laminated films for the profiles, brass.

The wide range of surface’s types allow to solve any designer’s ideas and also to save joints of floor coverings in perfect condition for a long period.

All products have three standard lengths: 0.9 m, 1.35 m, 1.8 m, 2.7 m.

Company store and showroom

At the central market of building materials in Minsk (Uruchje) the company shop "KTM-2000" has opened. The shop is situated at the central alley (pav. 201).

In the company store you can:

Buy profiles and sections at the producer price.

Meet the most complete assortment of production and make a right choice.

Get a consultation about using and fixing profiles and sections.

Find out the information about new products and technologies straight from the first hands.

Place and receive operatively a non-standart order, buy sections in almost unlimited quantities.

Take advantage of profiles bending (radial bending).

Leave your comments and suggestions.

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Equipment | Machine for profiles bending

We offer trade equipment that makes it possible to place our products conveniently and ergonomicly in your shops.

  kind of produce width, sm depth, sm height, sm
for thresholds 12*3=36 60 70 230
24*3=72 120 70 230
for profiles 12 60 45 230
24 120 45 230

We offer trade equipment in four variants.

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